Soccer is the Beautiful Game.
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    “Passing” – By Judes Augustin – Semi Pro Player

    Although soccer is a team sport, the beauty of the game is truly displayed through the magic plays of great individualists like Maradona, Pele, Ronaldinho, Zidane… Such players become great either thru hard work and/or being just gifted as they can do anything with and without the ball, which brings us to today‚Äôs themes of dribbling, passing and shooting. These players usually exhibit all three qualities.As a midfielder, I always take great pleasure watching the guys in the midfield in total control of a game, taking charge and putting their mark on a game. More than any player on the field, a midfielder must be at least a very good passer. He is the one who can open wide a defense and can make it easy on his teammates by creating space for his speedy forwards or delivering the ball on a silver platter to his scorer. A midfielder is a general in the field, as nearly every ball goes thru him. Michel Platini, one of the great midfielders, could, in one pass, break a defense down and put his forwards in a scoring position. For a passer to be efficient, he needs to be in sync with his teammates. Good chemistry and also understanding where your teammates are at all times demand a lot of playing time together as well as practice. The passer is like a quaterback, he needs to understand the game and being able to see the whole field as he can move the ball from one side of the field to the opposite. Great passers can also be great shooters.

    Like any other sports, some players are gifted, some work hard to get to the next level, others will just be role players. However, whichever category you think you are in, if you can understand the game and your role on the field, you can always help any team by playing your part and working hard..

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